Direct Operator Billing

Direct Operator Billing (DOB) presents a real opportunity for mobile operators and marketing partners to meet consumer need for a real-time way to pay for goods without the use of credit card details.

Operator Benefits

Increase Revenues
Shared Risk
Enhance Competitiveness
Increase User Satisfaction

Merchant Benefits

Access to new customers
Increased margins
Fully secure transactions end to end
Rapid Integration

User Benefits

Simple, secure payment; one-click purchase
Enhanced user experience
No debit/credit card required
Available to pre and post-paid users

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Whitepaper: Carrier Billing to 2020

The Carrier Billing market is set to be worth over $25bn globally by 2020 and SLA Digital’s white paper, details the key growth markets, opportunities and challenges that Mobile Operators and content providers are set to face in the next few years.

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Infographic: Carrier Billing – How to Convert Gamers into Buyers

The global gaming market is set to be worth over $118bn globally by 2019. SLA Digital’s infographic details the current state of the gaming industry, future predictions and how gaming companies can use Carrier Billing to monetise gamers.

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