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And the next big thing is…

And the next big thing is... I recently attended the IIR Next Generation Service Platforms conference in Munich, keen to see the next big thing. Sadly, it wasn’t there. Predictably, the usual split between the OTT players and old school telecoms world was as rigidly in place as ever. APIs got a mention but there [...]

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The Paradox of Mobile Operator Innovation

The Paradox of Mobile Operator Innovation These are exciting times where the rate at which new technologies become available increases exponentially. For every new trend a mini industry is formed whereby the bloggers and conference organisers have a field day surfing the crest of the hyped wave. A range of Valley/Alley/Allee/Roundabout start ups will create [...]

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WebRTC, what is it for?

WebRTC, what is it for? Having attended the recent WebRTC Summit conference in London I’m still not sure of the role this technology will play in future services. Within the operator community I see a couple of very polarised views. Firstly, all the core network people, well versed in the last decade of IMS justification, [...]

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