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3 Big Benefits of Carrier Billing for Mobile Operators

3 August 2021
Carrier Billing

Recent research has found that mobile operators will benefit from $100 billion carrier billing spend by 2025. It’s clear to see that both merchants and mobile operators are making the most of the carrier billing opportunity. So let’s take a look at mobile operators and just some of the benefits they can expect…

1. Maximise Revenues and Increase ARPU

Mobile operators can secure new revenues simply by facilitating quick and easy mobile payments for their subscribers from their smartphones. Core revenues such as voice, SMS and data services are increasingly becoming commodities for mobile operators and digital services seem to be the obvious place to look to offset revenue decline.

Connecting with digital content providers and merchants through carrier billing can have a huge impact, opening up new revenue streams and increasing ARPU. What’s more, revenue shares can be collected seamlessly and effortlessly with managed subscriptions automatically billed daily, weekly or monthly.

2. Stay Competitive with Global Brand Content

Enabling access to more services through carrier billing will ensure subscribers get the best possible experience. Premium content such as gaming, video on demand, music and esports are all in high demand and aggregators can easily connect operators to a portfolio of big brand merchants.

In a world of options, selecting a mobile operator who can deliver easy access to a selection of desired content seems like the obvious choice when shopping around for providers. Offering the latest content and unique services can help mobile operators stay ahead of the competition as well as raising their profile, especially among younger demographics.

There is also an opportunity for mobile operators to reposition themselves in the age of 5G. Big brands, for example in the cloud gaming and esports steaming space can help showcase operators’ 5G capabilities and encourage 5G uptake.

3. Boost Customer Satisfaction and Offer Financial Inclusion

For a generation expecting to be able to do almost everything through their smartphones carrier billing can offer an easy way to pay. The convenience of combining subscription costs into a user’s mobile bill will be a key growth driver for carrier billing over the next 5 years and faster checkouts with click-flow payments and no logins or forms is sure to provide positive user experience.

Carrier billing can also help with financial inclusion by providing an alternative payment method for consumers without bank accounts or credit cards, especially in developing markets. This has been a big driver for carrier billing and can help mobile operators retain subscribers in the long term.

SLA Digital can help mobile operators drive new revenue streams from carrier billing. Get instant access to our portfolio of global merchants and offer customers the convenience of paying through their mobile phone bill. The benefits are clear, and now is the time to get involved – talk to our team today.

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