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5 Weird and Wonderful Things Purchased Using Carrier Billing

4 December 2019
Carrier Billing

With over 5.1 billion global mobile phone users, the popularity of mobile payments is no surprise. App and smartphone users are growing and there has been a rise in demand for hassle-free and secure purchase of goods and services, as consumer preference steers towards digital and cashless payments.

According to Allied Market Research, global mobile payment transactions will be worth more than £3.5 trillion by 2023, following growth of 33.8% CAGR between 2017-2023. Other research examined 20 of the world’s top economies and France and Sweden came out on top, having the highest proportion of transactions being made using non-cash methods.

The rise of carrier billing

The use of carrier billing has increased tremendously over the past few years. The study, Direct Carrier Billing: Forecasts, Player Strategies & Emerging Opportunities 2019-2024, found that consumer spend via carrier billing alone is expected to rise from $28 billion last year to nearly $90 billion by 2024.

According to Finance Digest, studies show that where carrier billing is available, conversion rates rise by up to 85%, due to ease of payments. Consumers experience a much more fluid and user-friendly experience with carrier billing than with other, more lengthy, payment methods.

What exactly can I buy using mobile carrier billing?

Combined with the accessibility that smartphones, devices and apps give users, almost any purchase is possible with carrier billing as long as it is within the spending limits approved by the mobile operator. Country regulations can also determine what exactly can be purchased. For example, the purchase of physical goods still remains a grey area in some places.

As well as more ‘usual’ goods and services like Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, Netflix, Charity Donations, Parking payments, here are 5 of our favourite finds from around the world that have been purchased using carrier billing:

  1. Angry bird toys – Singtel, a leading mobile operator in Singapore partnered with Rovio to allow users to purchase toys for their famous game Angry Birds
  2. Buying and selling clothes – Mercari is a fast-growing flea market app which operates in Japan, it allows users to both buy and sell clothes and goods. Consumers can have direct carrier billing post-paid spending limits of between $500 to $800 in Japan.
  3. Egg incubators, lucky eggs and Pokecoins – Pokemon Go has been wildly popular and the craze of the game led players to spend a lot on in-app purchases.  In less than one day of its launch it became the top downloaded and grossing app in the US, Australia and New Zealand according to App Annie.
  4. Online gift cards – Back to Singapore again, where Singtel launched Giftany, their online gifting platform that lets you buy and gift cards for online and physical goods, ranging from food and drink to entertainment, attractions and fashion.
  5. Groceries, electronics and vending machine items – Consumers can use direct carrier billing in Japan to purchase clothing and shoes, kitchenware, cosmetics and similar items, electronics, exercise equipment, food, home goods, toys and much more.

Contact SLA Digital today to discuss adding carrier billing as a payment method for your products and services.

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