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Exploring Use Cases in Mobile Identity

30 September 2021
Mobile Identity

In the past, only industries such as banks needed to worry about verifying their customers’ identity. In an increasingly digital and mobile world that is no longer the case. Today there is a need for mobile identity to be implemented across a wide range of industries, from gaming to e-commerce, in an attempt to make services more transparent, secure, and agile.

With many new use cases emerging, we take a look at just a few of the places where citizens are being offered convenient, trusted experiences to prove who they are online.


Identity verification is increasingly important for gaming companies to make sure players are genuine, old enough and to reduce the risk of identity fraud and combat money laundering activity. 

With online gamers spending $21.1 billion in 2020 and gaming becoming increasingly mobile, it’s no wonder it has attracted fraudsters who attempt to use stolen identities or fake ID documents to create new accounts or gain access to existing ones. Multiple account misuse is one of the biggest types of fraud in gaming right now – fraudsters can abuse promotional deals and banned users can come back time and time again.

Know Your Customer or KYC is the process in which companies verify the identity of a client before or while they work together. It’s very common in banking and financial institutions but KYC use cases have started to arise in other verticals, including gaming. Strong KYC data can help gaming companies verify that their customer is one, specific person to prevent the creation of any fake accounts or multiple accounts per person.

Ride Sharing

There is a need for ride sharing platforms to establish a match between digital and real-world identities of drivers and passengers, without adding unnecessary friction. Crime and fraud in this space can severely impact the reputation and trustworthiness of a platform and matching real-life and digital identities can remove risk and stop banned users re-joining.

AI-based solutions for identity verification and geo-location screening can mitigate the risk of onboarding criminal drivers. Mobility and vehicle hire companies can also benefit from identity solutions to ensure only legitimate and verified customers are handed over keys for rentals.


With medical services going digital during the pandemic and more telehealth services emerging, identifying legitimate users and protecting sensitive personal data is of upmost importance.

Digital identity verification is crucial for the efficient and effective delivery of health services as providers need to know a patient’s identity to access relevant medical histories and insurance credentials. Digital healthcare systems also need to implement strict access controls and these too can rely on accurate identity verification.

Restricted Retail

KYC procedures exist to protect organisations and their customers from fraud and losses as the result of illegal financial transactions. KYC matching can be useful in age verification for legally restricted purchases for example, alcohol, restricted content, or gambling.

Mobile operators are regulated to know their customers and are uniquely positioned to help them verify their online identities. By leveraging mobile data they can help verify the date of birth of a customer, and help mitigate fraudulent online retail activity.  

Banking and FinTech

Identity will always play a huge role in the financial services industry. Banks must establish trust and be assured that a customer is who they say they are when opening accounts, applying for credit etc.

Financial services including banking, payments and insurance are faced with escalating volumes of transactions and a growing diversity of threats. This is where mobile operator assets can help. Mobile operators know when there has been a change that could indicate fraudulent activity, for example when a new mobile device is linked to a bank account. SIM change, device change, account tenure, or unconditional call diverts that can represent fraud signals are all useful attributes for the financial services industry.

To compete with banks and other payment and money transfer companies, FinTechs like MiFinity, PaySend, Paymentz, and FlashFX must implement an equally robust KYC and identity verification process. This is again crucial to combat identity theft and fraud, however it is also important that verification procedures do not compromise FinTechs’ appeal of convenience and user-friendliness.

Credit Scoring

Providing verification of digital identity is particularly important in emerging markets. People in countries lacking formal identification are unable to access basic services, such as opening a bank account and around 1 billion people lack legal identification worldwide. 

Alternative credit scoring is a key use case to which mobile operator identity tools can contribute. Identity data from mobile money accounts, airtime top-up habits and other account information can add value to businesses’ risk assessment strategies and create an alternative credit score for a subscriber. This in turn can connect unbanked and unidentified citizens to the mobile ecosystem, helping them engage with more online services.

As the number of devices and connections grow organisations in every industry must take identity verification seriously. Proof of identity is fundamental to access a wide range of vital services and by using their customer data and experience, mobile operators have the potential to be major players in the mobile identity ecosystem.

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