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Mobile Identity Country Comparison

15 October 2021
Mobile Identity

How you prove who you are, can depend on where you are. The difference identity solutions can make to a country depends on their specific challenges, aims and ambitions, there’s no one size fits all solution. It’s not simply a matter of replicating what others have done, countries need bespoke solutions that work with their own values and culture.

Here we look at how citizens in Europe, the Middle East and Asia are verifying their identities, with organisations increasingly exploring how electronic and mobile devices can supplement or replace traditional identity documents.


The European Union’s Electronic Identification and Signature (eIDAS) regulation came into effect in July 2016 and by 2020 19 digital identity schemes were interoperable in 15 countries.

  • By the end of 2021 Germany hopes to enable citizens to store a digital version of their national ID card on their mobile phone and use it as a digital ID (with a PIN for authentication) 
  • Italy’s government public digital identity system SPID focuses on bringing more services to the population and is used for social security and taxes. They have over 21 million identities registered and plans to reach 40 million. Namirial is a company that provides mobile operator data to SPID for an additional layer of user verification
  • Other success stories include Itsme in Belgium who are providing digital identity based on government issued identity cards – it is mobile friendly and can be used for verification, data sharing and qualified signatures
  • Development of digital identity trust framework is also currently underway for the UK

The Middle East

Numerous National eID programs including card and mobile-based schemes have been launched in Middle Eastern countries.

  • Kuwait’s national eID card was designed to be the primary means for authenticating digital identities and simplify administrative procedures – within 6 years, the country has jumped 22 places in the United Nations e-Government Development Index 
  • It was hoped that Jordan‘s electronic ID card (launched in 2016) would reinforce the infrastructure required for digital signatures and make it possible to introduce new online paperless services
  • Countries in this region are also advancing national ID from smart cards to mobile devices, allowing citizens access to more digital services directly from their mobile phones
  • The UAE Pass app is the first national digital identity and signature solution that enables users to identify themselves to government service providers through their smartphone. It also lets users to sign documents digitally with a high level of security


Asia is anticipated to grow at a faster rate in the global identity verification market due to the increasing adoption of new technologies. Governments understand the importance of digital identity and are developing solutions, often in cooperation with the private sector.

The identity verification market is expected to reach USD 1,452.71 million by 2028. And with the pandemic giving more urgency to the prioritisation of digital identity we are sure to see more and more mobile solutions coming to the fore.

Mobile devices are revolutionising the way individuals connect, communicate and navigate their surroundings and mobile identity is a tool that can provide access to essential services such as healthcare, education and finance.

  • Connectivity is primarily mobile-first in Asia Pacific and mobile plays a huge role in the delivery of services that enable the development of digital societies
  • In 2020, Singapore launched the SingPass government digital identity platform, empowering residents to complete government exchanges without leaving their homes
  • India’s national eID scheme Aadhaar reached 1,26 Billion users at the end of 2020, with digital identity obtained on their biometric and demographic data
  • In countries in this region where SIM registration is mandated more people have a mobile subscriptions than an official proof of identity, this may present an opportunity for governments to partner with mobile operators to expand ID coverage

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