mobile identity

Mobile Identity – What is Our Focus and Why?

16 December 2021
Mobile Identity

There is growing demand for digital identity verification services worldwide and we recognise that mobile operators can play a vital role in helping their customers prove who they are online.

Mobile identity can use a person’s identity attributes tied to a mobile device for identity verification, authentication and authorisation, and SLA Digital’s partnerships have the ability to provide new opportunities for both mobile operators and mobile identity providers in this space.

What Role Does SLA Digital Play?

Industries such as gaming, healthcare, retail and banking are increasingly looking for ways to verify customers and as new use cases continue to emerge companies are searching for new ways to prove that their customers are indeed who they say they are.

SLA Digital is a mobile identity aggregator, we have trusted partnerships with both mobile operators who can provide valued customer information, and the mobile identity providers who help companies in need of mobile identity solutions. We connect the two and create the relationships needed to help secure new revenues.

Why Mobile Operators?

The trusted relationship and data that mobile operators hold on their subscribers means that they are in a unique position to provide a valuable layer of identity intelligence. For example, they can easily verify a phone number of a mobile device being used to access online services, or confirm a match on a customer’s basic details such as name, date of birth or location.

With this in mind, it makes sense that identity solutions are using data sourced from mobile operators more and more. SLA Digital work to provide the connections to mobile identity providers who can make use of this information, and also make the process easy by managing all of these relationships on behalf of the mobile operator.

Why Mobile Identity Providers?

In turn, mobile identity providers can utilise the strength of these mobile operator assets in their solutions. Essentially mobile operators hold the ability to play the role of a guarantor of identity for the mobile identity providers and the clients they service.

With SLA Digital’s platform at the hub mobile identity providers can get instant access to the identity assets of our mobile operator partners across the globe, helping them to expand their identity solutions easily. They can reach a wealth of new customer data efficiently, all in one place, and offer their clients customer identity verification from trusted new sources.

What Are the Benefits?

Leveraging assets from mobile operators for use in mobile identity solutions has benefits for all involved.

Mobile operators have the opportunity to take a proactive approach and offer more to their customers by helping them to prove who they are, and giving them financial inclusion and access to vital services securely. Partnering with SLA Digital can make this happen, with opportunities for mobile operators to drive more revenues as they connect with hundreds of businesses seeking to explore how mobile operator assets can work for them.

Mobile identity providers can also increase their revenues by giving their clients more ways to securely identity customers from trusted sources, without added resources. With SLA Digital mobile identity providers can easily connect with mobile operators, giving effortless access to millions of customers who need their identities verified, and helping to fight fraud on a global scale.

Talk to SLA Digital today to discuss how mobile identity could bring big benefits to your business.

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