3007, 2014

Feature Phones Still Matter

By |30 July, 2014|Tags: |

Feature Phones Still Matter With the rise of smart phone penetration gaining momentum on a global scale, it is no surprise that the market for mobile content in the Middle East is growing significantly. It seems that mobile user engagement has escalated which only confirms recent research that indicated the [...]

2406, 2014

WSO2, Power to You!

By |24 June, 2014|Tags: |

WSO2, Power to You! I have just returned from the WSO2Con Europe in Barcelona and went open-minded and not with my usual scepticism. What surprised me was whilst WSO2 built an industrial grade Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), they profess that they do not provide solutions but a “philosophy”.  This philosophy [...]

1706, 2014

And the next big thing is…

By |17 June, 2014|Tags: |

And the next big thing is... I recently attended the IIR Next Generation Service Platforms conference in Munich, keen to see the next big thing. Sadly, it wasn’t there. Predictably, the usual split between the OTT players and old school telecoms world was as rigidly in place as ever. APIs [...]

2105, 2014

Does Direct Operator Billing Make Sense?

By |21 May, 2014|Tags: |

Does Direct Operator Billing Make Sense? With the global increase in the usage of smartphones and the desire to purchase goods and services online, it has become evident that mobile operators must act quickly to consider the changing needs of their customers. Some mobile operators [...]

705, 2014

The Paradox of Mobile Operator Innovation

By |7 May, 2014|Tags: |

The Paradox of Mobile Operator Innovation These are exciting times where the rate at which new technologies become available increases exponentially. For every new trend a mini industry is formed whereby the bloggers and conference organisers have a field day surfing the crest of the hyped wave. A range of [...]

105, 2014

A Connected Telco

By |1 May, 2014|Tags: |

A Connected Telco We have been involved in the telecommunications API space longer than most; we started in this space long before we ever knew we were actually there! SOAP interfaces with XML markup languages for internal and third party communications between systems some 10 years ago. It has been [...]


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