A New Approach to Integration

We are your Digital Transformation Integration Partner. 

SLA Digital has helped global clients adapt to the digital world via a new approach to integration. We provide mobile operators with a Microservices Integration Platform that increases business agility, drives innovation and reduces the cost of Digital Transformation.  

We focus on the problem of complex integration, providing a scalable environment, supported by Continuous Integration and Delivery, to implement TMForum Open APIs and seize opportunities of the hyper-connected world.  

The TMForum suite of REST-based Open APIs delivers a practical approach to seamless end-to-end management of digital services. 


Our Solution

A Microservices Integration Platform leveraging Red Hat’s OpenShift and Fuse technologies to allow high-speed operation and deployment at any scale.  

We have also created a Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery pipeline on top of OpenShift that allows for automatic generation, build, test and deployment of TMForum APIs.  

Key Benefits

Cost Reduction – Vastly reduce the costs associated with new solutions, technology swaps, upgrades and transformation

Speed to Market – Bring new services to market at a greater speed

Innovation – When the cost of service development and integration is lowered innovation can flourish

Scalability – Simplify the creation of complex and scalable integration architectures and run many versions of the same API with minimal overheads

Flexibility – Each API is a true Microservice and can be removed or upgraded with no impact on other APIs

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