Identity Management

Our Identity Management solution gives mobile operators the ability to offer third party service providers a simple and secure mobile authentication service that their customers can use via their mobile phone.

Identity verification in the digital world can be complex as individuals are required to register to third party services by creating separate accounts with username and password credentials.  The problem with this is that these service providers can do little to verify the identity of the individual.

Mobile operators have the opportunity to deliver an authentication process for third party service providers allowing them to leverage the registration information required from subscribers during the process to obtain a mobile subscription.

The Identity Management solution will give the customer access to a single mobile phone number-based authentication solution that can be used as a straightforward login experience for a range of third party services.

Operator Benefits

Churn reduction
Increased revenues
Trusted brand recognition
Increased collaboration

Merchant Benefits

Improved customer experience
Reduced fraud risk
Access to new customers

User Benefits

Reduces login fatigue
Increases identity protection
Offers control and visibility of personal data

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