411, 2014

API Exposure and Management

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At SLA Mobile we specialise in API Exposure and Management for our clients. Craig Richards, our Director of Group Operations and Delivery discusses our managed service solution and how we allow our clients to safely open their data and leverage the API Economy, building a robust ecosystem of new services [...]

809, 2014

The Rise of Online Video Consumption

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My first experience of consuming mobile data was with my first mobile phone, a Nokia 3510i complete with colour screen and polyphonic ringtones – but unfortunately, no Snake game. Thankfully, the mobile internet space has developed a lot since then and these days using mobile devices to access the internet [...]

3007, 2014

Feature Phones Still Matter

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With the rise of smart phone penetration gaining momentum on a global scale, it is no surprise that the market for mobile content in the Middle East is growing significantly.   It seems that mobile user engagement has escalated which only confirms recent research that indicated the importance of mobile [...]

2406, 2014

WSO2, Power to You!

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I have just returned from the WSO2Con Europe in Barcelona and went open-minded and not with my usual scepticism.  What surprised me was whilst WSO2 built an industrial grade Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), they profess that they do not provide solutions but a “philosophy”.  This philosophy is all about providing [...]

1706, 2014

And the next big thing is…

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I recently attended the IIR Next Generation Service Platforms conference in Munich, keen to see the next big thing. Sadly, it wasn’t there. Predictably, the usual split between the OTT players and old school telecoms world was as rigidly in place as ever. APIs got a mention but there was [...]

2105, 2014

Does Direct Operator Billing Make Sense?

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With the global increase in the usage of smartphones and the desire to purchase goods and services online, it has become evident that mobile operators must act quickly to consider the changing needs of their customers. Some mobile operators already have billing mechanisms in place for certain mobile purchases such [...]