Onebip Partners with SLA Digital for Direct Operator Billing in the Middle East

Onebip has partnered with SLA Digital to extend their Direct Operator Billing coverage in the Middle East for their portfolio of content partners. The Direct Operator Billing partnership is now live in the UAE, with plans to further leverage SLA’s mobile operator connectivity across the region. Ashley O’Kane, Head of Marketing at SLA Digital commented, [...]

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White paper: Carrier Billing to 2020 – Looking to the Future of Carrier Billing

The Carrier Billing market is said to be worth over $25bn globally by 2020, giving both Mobile Operators and content providers the opportunity to drive new revenues streams via the simple, seamless and secure mobile payment option. SLA Digital’s white paper, ‘Carrier Billing to 2020: Looking to the Future of Carrier Billing’ explores the current [...]

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Direct Operator Billing – Simple, Secure & Convenient

Music-lover Sam downloads music using his mobile. As a reward for doing so, he receives details of a music festival. Using his phone Sam buys two tickets, which are billed to his mobile account. Direct Operator Billing: Simple, Secure and Convenient. Read more about SLA Digital's Direct Operator Billing solution here.  

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Benefits of Direct Operator Billing

Becky uses her mobile to help take the stress out of life. She purchases her train ticket, subscribes to a magazine and pays for a coffee - all transactions are done through her mobile account. Direct Operator Billing is Simple, Secure & Convenient. Read more about SLA Digital's Direct Operator Billing here.  

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Does Direct Operator Billing Make Sense?

With the global increase in the usage of smartphones and the desire to purchase goods and services online, it has become evident that mobile operators must act quickly to consider the changing needs of their customers. Some mobile operators already have billing mechanisms in place for certain mobile purchases such as Premium SMS but Direct [...]

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Will Direct Operator Billing cannibalise your PSMS Business?

As a Mobile Operator you have a great opportunity to develop new business revenues with Direct Operator Billing (DOB).  The proliferation of smart phones and the popularity and ease of availability of Digital Content and Services is a major driver for DOB. No doubt you already have an existing Premium SMS (PSMS) business, so the [...]

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Rising concerns with accidental in-app purchases

I can now say that I have  become a member of society that has been exposed to accidental in-app purchases through my mobile.  Whilst at SLA , we have been speaking about our mobile payment solution, Direct Operator Billing and how it can reduce risk in such a situation by setting credit limits, I had [...]

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