Digital Services: Partnering is Key to Success

I recently had an article published in the SAMENA Trends magazine where I explained the importance of why mobile operators should implement a Digital Services strategy. The telecoms landscape is becoming increasingly competitive as mobile operators face threats from rival operators as well as internet companies. These Over-The-Top (OTT) players have eroded the operator’s revenue [...]

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The Rise of Online Video Consumption

My first experience of consuming mobile data was with my first mobile phone, a Nokia 3510i complete with colour screen and polyphonic ringtones – but unfortunately, no Snake game. Thankfully, the mobile internet space has developed a lot since then and these days using mobile devices to access the internet is for most people, an [...]

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Feature Phones Still Matter

With the rise of smart phone penetration gaining momentum on a global scale, it is no surprise that the market for mobile content in the Middle East is growing significantly.   It seems that mobile user engagement has escalated which only confirms recent research that indicated the importance of mobile applications in the region. MEF, [...]

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