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Marvel Media partners with SLA Digital to expand international reach with Carrier Billing

Marvel Media has partnered with SLA Digital to extend their carrier billing coverage across the Middle East and Asia.

Established in 2010, Marvel Media is focused on providing mobile entertainment services to their customers with the aim of enhancing their digital lifestyle through video, games and other applications.

The carrier billing partnership is now live across several mobile operators in the Middle East with plans to further leverage SLA’s mobile operator coverage across the region.

Carrier billing has given Marvel Media the opportunity to access a greater number of potential customers who previously may not have been able to access their services. The simple and secure payment option is an alternative to traditional payment channels like debit and credit card, enabling customers to make purchases by charging digital services to their mobile account.

Ashley O’Kane, Head of Marketing at SLA Digital commented, “Through our partnership, Marvel Media have been able to gain access to new markets in the Middle East through a single connection into our carrier billing platform. We look forward to continuing this relationship with Marvel Media and driving new business for all involved.”




Learn more about 2-click carrier billing payments 

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