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For Mobile Identity Providers

As a mobile identity aggregator, SLA Digital can help you increase revenues. We provide efficient access to new customers through harnessing the power of our mobile operator partnerships.

mobile identity

What we offer

As part of a highly regulated industry, mobile operators are uniquely positioned to help verify the online identity of their customers.

With our platform at the hub, get instant access to the identity assets of our global mobile operator partners, and expand your identity solutions. 

SLA Digital will remove all the heavy lifting for you as we manage the relationships with the mobile operators. 

We join the dots through the entire process and power revenues for all parties.

Mobile Identity Solutions

Verified MSISDN

Enable a service provider to verify a phone number of a mobile device being accessed by a customer over a mobile operator’s network, for a faster and more secure authentication solution.

KYC Match (Know Your Customer)

Verify a customer’s details across the mobile operator’s network for service providers to compare basic information such as name and address in order to eliminate fraud.

Account Takeover Protection

Help service providers identify suspicious or fraudulent activities by accessing information mobile operators have on their customers’ lost or stolen devices, SIM swapping and device location.


  • Increase revenues by offering your clients customer identity verification from trusted new sources
  • Effortlessly connect with our mobile operator partners with simple API integration
  • Access millions of customers in global markets with digital identities that need verified
  • Expand your reach globally without putting strain on your resources

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