7 Benefits of Direct Carrier Billing

7 BENEFITS OF DIRECT CARRIER BILLING When it comes to digital payments, direct carrier billing has a number of benefits over other online payments. 1. CONVENIENT With carrier billing there is no need for your customers to create an account or fill in credit/debit card details. All they need is their mobile number. 2. SECURE Carrier billing is trusted by customers as there is no need to share personal details to subscribe or complete a transaction. 3. HIGH CONVERSION RATES Simple and seamless user experiences with 1 and 2 click flows means higher customer conversions and reduced revenue leakage. 4. FLEXIBLE CHARGING One off, in-app and subscription payments are supported with carrier billing. Flexible price points and billing frequencies are also available with complete visibility of the transaction given to the customer and content partner. 5. SIMPLE INTEGRATION Content partners can be on-boarded quickly and easily via a single integration, opening up access to a directory of mobile operators, and reducing time and effort to market. 6. GLOBAL REACH Through a single connection you can get access to new customers who do not have credit/debit card details. Anyone with a mobile phone can use carrier billing to pay. 7. FRAUD PREVENTION Carrier billing mitigates the risk of fraudulent activity through built-in transaction limits , encryption and blacklist features.

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