SLA Digital Quality Policy Statement
(Including Quality Objectives)

The company is committed to providing the highest levels of customer service and support.

We maintain high standards of professionalism and efficiency to ensure that projects are implemented on time and on budget, and are of the highest quality.

The company operates a Quality Management System that meets the requirements of BS EN ISO9001:2015 and relevant applicable requirements.

The company continues to improve its processes and procedures. The company actively develops mutually beneficial relationships with clients and suppliers to ensure that service provided is to the highest possible quality and is delivered on time.

People are core to our service provision, and each individual within the company is viewed as an important asset for continued business growth. Recognition of this is seen through continuous investment in staff’s development.

The company recognises that by striving to provide a world-class service that it will be able to ensure a growing and sustainable worldwide skills base and continued high technology employment opportunities.

Our Quality Improvement Objectives are:

  1. Improve quality of services delivered to customers
  2. Reduce operating costs by improving quality and efficiency of back-office processes
  3. To implement rigorous but workable quality processes in all business functions and at all levels throughout the company
  4. To improve awareness of quality processes and documentation amongst company employees
  5. To achieve a company-wide culture where quality is intuitive rather than prescriptive

Kevin Drayne, Managing Director, December 2018

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