Meet the Team – Diana Anak Gurei, HR Administrator

23 August 2022
Carrier Billing

How long have you worked at SLA Digital and what is your current role? 

I have worked with SLA Digital for almost 12 years, starting as an Administration Executive and was promoted to HR Administrator in 2015.  

Tell us more about what your role entails

As HR Administrator I have quite a varied role. I look after recruitment, employee benefits, HR compliance, company policies, payroll, training and general administration. It’s quite an expansive role, which I really enjoy. 

What do you enjoy most about working at SLA Digital? 

SLA Digital are a great company to work for. My manager is very supportive, offering me the flexibility to work independently on the broad range of tasks that are my responsibility. In addition to this, I really enjoy working with our wider team who are from a range of backgrounds, locations, and cultures. 

How important is a company’s culture and values when attracting new team members? 

SLA Digital has a good company culture, which I think is especially important when attracting new team members. Our values of integrity, customer focus and innovation are evident throughout the company, allowing colleagues to deliver their best work for our customers. We also promote a positive working environment throughout the organisation, which makes working here more enjoyable. We feel it is important to welcome new team members and help them to feel part of our team and understand our culture so we all can be successful. 

What advice would you give someone looking for a job in our industry?

The world of technology moves and develops very quickly. You must be willing to learn and keep up to date with these changes and move with the times to ensure you have the skills needed in the industry. Being an innovative thinker will help with this. Effective communication skills are also important, both oral and written, as well as confidence in what you can do on behalf of the company for your customers.  

Are there any misconceptions people have about your position? 

Yes, there are definitely some misconceptions about my role. The main one, I think, is that there is a universal feeling that HR is there to only support the employer, not the employee. That is not the case, HR’s role is to ensure everyone is looked after and receives the necessary tools and training to be successful and content in their role.  

What developments have you seen in SLA Digital since you joined?

In the almost 12 years that I have been with SLA Digital, the company and team have gone from strength to strength. SLA Digital are proactive in providing learning and career opportunities to employees, allowing us to develop and achieve our goals, whilst supporting company growth. SLA Digital prioritises investment in employees which means we have a great retention rate as well as the ability to attract new talent.  

What do you think is the key to a successful team like the one we have in SLA Digital? 

I think we can attribute SLA Digital’s success to our commitment to innovation and customer service. This has been supported by our strong team, who work together to build trust with our mobile operators and merchants through effective communications to ensure we deliver the best outcome for them. This is all pulled together by great leadership, who guide the company and drive us to continue to succeed. 

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