7 Tips to Grow Carrier Billing Revenues

7 TIPS TO GROW CARRIER BILLING REVENUES 1. Generate Awareness Let customers know that they have the option to pay by mobile. Content partners should highlight carrier billing as a convenient payment option and show customers how the payment option works. Giving users multiple payment options to choose from will ultimately increase conversion rates. 2. Reduce Friction Carrier billing is a seamless payment experience as the customer is not required to enter credit/debit card details. Asking for more information other than the customer's mobile number adds friction and reduces conversions. A simple flow with minimal payment steps will maximise conversions and revenue. 3. Offer Promotions Consider offering promotions to customers, such as free trial periods, if they sign up to subscription services using carrier billing. This gives the customer the opportunity to trial your service and explore what you have to offer. 4. Keep Content Fresh Fresh and quality content is key to increasing the LTV of customers. Popular streaming services are well known for regularly updating their content and informing customers of new and upcoming releases. Showcasing new content is key to driving conversions especially via mobile promotions. 5. Leverage Niche Advertising Platforms Niche advertising platforms like Quora and Redditt have shown to have well-priced, high-quality traffic and because they are closed platforms, the risk of fraud is reduced. Content providers should consider trying these platforms to test whether they provide alternatives to Google and social media advertising. 6. Analyse Everything Content providers should regularly analyse their customers’ behaviour. A/B testing of advertisements and landing pages is important to optimising conversions rates. Promotional channels and keywords used in advertising should also be reviewed to understand the best approach and make further improvements. 7. Make it Easy to Unsubscribe Clearly communicating how to unsubscribe from a service during the sign-up process gives customers reassurance. In the past, Value-Added Services have gained somewhat of a bad reputation, therefore, gaining the trust of the customer and making it easy for them to unsubscribe is vital to driving revenues.

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