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How Mobile Operators are Taking a Proactive Approach

8 November 2021
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Mobile operators play a critical role in keeping communities connected. From securely providing communication via voice calls, messaging and internet access, their role is evolving. For example, mobile operators have the ability to offer financial inclusion in emerging markets, offering easy access to content and services through mobile payment options like carrier billing.

They are increasingly finding new ways to integrate themselves into the lives of customers, here we take a look at how mobile operators have a bigger part to play as they respond to ever-changing consumer needs.

Covid-19 Response

Mobile operators can get customer service right by leveraging their customer insights and embracing a proactive approach, thus communicating a devotion to making the customer happy and building strong and long-term relationships that will boost customer loyalty.

During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns impacted income and ability to physically visit stores to top up mobile credit. Mobile operators have gone the extra mile in supporting customers, reacting quickly and stepping up to offer free or discounted means of accessing online services. For example, giving eligible families free access to popular kids programmes, or offering additional mobile data to vulnerable customers or families facing financial difficulties.

Going Digital

The transformation of the old world of mobile operators selling connectivity and the new world of operators embracing digital has begun. Mobile operators can tap into the potential revenue available from the most digitally active users with plenty of opportunities to expand into bundling, to embrace TV, to expand the footprint in apps, and to design innovative customer service offerings.

Mobile operators have the opportunity to become ‘digital navigators’ and influence consumers’ behaviour towards digital offerings and OTT players, with carrier billing having a significant role to play.

Mobile Identity

In an era of digital transformation it’s clear that mobile phones are relied on for so much more than simply communicating. Mobile operators are increasingly realising that they have the power to provide access to essential services such as healthcare, education and finance, especially in emerging digital societies.

By harnessing their trusted relationships plus the wealth of data they hold on their customers, mobile operators have a unique opportunity to ensure digital transactions are safe and seamless, and can work together with mobile identity providers to provide solutions for customer authentication and authorisation in online activities such as gaming, ride sharing, restricted retail and banking.

5G Opportunities

Mobile operators are offering more to customers through the rollout of 5G and a recent survey shows that 37% of mobile operators will deploy 5G standalone within the next two years.

Customers say reliability is the most important network attribute. Mobile operators can use the 5G opportunity to offer dedicated cloud data packages and 5G gamer plans to guarantee a quality 5G service and expand into increasing popular offerings such as esports. In the 5G era, networks can also be transformed to create services that satisfy customer needs, for example online gaming packages with networks built-in.

As 5G becomes prevalent we are sure to see more apps from more categories online and app developers and mobile operators should be looking at how they can take advantage of increasing revenue. One way is through carrier billing.

Carrier Billing

With carrier billing customers can conveniently access the paid universe through their mobile phone bill – a method they are already using to pay for mobile services. Other payment methods such as debit credit cards cannot fully leverage on the sticky relationship consumers already have with their mobile operator.

This mobile payment option presents new revenue opportunities for mobile operators and can boost the number of subscribers making payments, motivate subscribers to purchase and minimise payment failures – all adding to customer satisfaction.

Mobile operators are clearly thinking about the type of revolutionary experiences they want to provide customers in the future, and if they wish to capture as much of the 171-billion-dollar market as possible, they can start by embracing the long-term opportunity of carrier billing.

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